Weekend o fun

Well hello, thanks for taking the time to read this.

It’s been a long weekend. Feel like the weekend started early, on Thursday of all days.


Was performing at magic club, all went as planned. My first effect was inspired by a Mr Derren Brown, he’s “theroy” on winning the loto got me thinking. The effect went as so. A prediction was handed out to hold. Then I got a 1-2-3 deck shuffled (1-2-3 deck, has all the numbers up to 52). 6 cards were selected, and they just so happened to match the prediction. Second effect was “big deal” by Joshua jay. Card is selected and lost in the deck. Then cards are dealt out, and the last card was the one selected, also the piles created from dealing hold the best hands in the games; blackjack, poker and bridge. Final effect was an effect I made: a card is thought of, another person deals cards face up on the table, then one face down card is dealt, and it matchs the thought of card.

‘Twas a good night full of fun and laughing. Also picked up some ideas and a couple of effects for myself.


Friday was a lovely night of sing song and banter. Went to the Indiecode gig! Was an awesome night, had great fun with friends partying it up. Was jumping about with Conn, right next to the stage. Would love to go again. Would recommend it to anyone! Well worth the money.


Saturday started with work :(. But that went by quickly, then it was a four hour drive to Blackpool! The drive was okay, had the normal pick-nic of sweets. (well sweets and a pasta salad, but mabey that’s just me) The drive only took three and a half hours, cough, didn’t even break the speed limit. Got to the venue, got tickets, got to wait in the queue. But only after using a blackpool toilet. Was quite impressed, a good 40% of the pee was in the toilet! Another 40% on the floor and walls, and an impressive 20% on the ceiling. But then we got seated, got drinks and waited for the show to start. The hypnotist, Ken Webster, was amazing!!! If you ever get the chance, see him! After the show, back to the hotel, and straight to bed.


Up early to MLA convention, master locksmith association. Had a good time looking through the stands. Got lots of freebees! And went on an hour course called “advanced key manipulation”, sounds impressive but not really 😛 . Then it was the long five and a half hour drive home.

Overall, a great weekend! Spent most of my time in the car, but all worth it fir the experience.

Bye for now. 🙂



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