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Eight strong mental effects from the minds of V, Andrew J Speirs, and Saurabh include:

Foreign Thought (Andrew) – One spectator thinks of a card, while another is put into a ʻtranceʼ. The spectator
in a ʻtranceʼ is then able to divine the card being thought of. 100% hit. Borrowed deck. No setup or pre-show work.

eQueen (V) – An equivoque effect with an imaginary deck of cards. Get down to your card prediction with only two “choices” plus one totally free choice! 100% hit every time. The two “choices” are also very convincing and one uses a brilliant play on words.

Confined (Saurabh) – A spectator cuts a deck of cards and notes the card cut to. The mentalist is able to read the spectator’s thoughts to divine the thought of card. Every card in the deck is different, and the mentalist does not touch the card nor deck after handing it to the spectator.

Colouric (V) – The performing artist asks a participant to choose one of three colours. He then reveals that he has successfully predicted ahead of time which colour the
participant would choose. 100% hit every time.

Induced Anomalous Trichromancy (I.A.T.) (Andrew) – A spectator is made to see in black and white, then gets colours confused. Finally, the spectator sees colours that no one else can see. An interesting piece of strange that you have to read to believe!

Northerm Nirvana (V) – Originally published in Thomas Baxter’s “Open Prediction Project,” this was V’s contribution to the project. A prediction is written down. The spectator is then asked to deal cards face up onto
the table. Whenever they feel the urge, they deal a card face-down. It matches the prediction. This can be done with a borrowed deck, and the mentalist does not touch the deck nor the cards once the spectator starts dealing. Employs psychological methodology, therefore it may not work 100% of the time, but when it does, it is truly a miracle!

Cuppie Quickie (V and Saurabh) – The performing artist asks the participant to place an object under one of three cups for a “dangerous” feat. Amazingly, he knows exactly which cup the participant selected. 100% hit every time!

Septagonal (V) – Another take on an Open Prediction style effect, with an added kicker second prediction.

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